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Retirement of Monsignor McBride
With sadness the Parish says farewell to Mgr. Kenneth McBride as Parish Priest. Monsignor has been with us at Saint Ninian’s for about seventeen years but is now unable to continue, due in part to having reached an age well over that of retirement for men in the secular world, and having had several serious health problems over the last few years.
He has been a wonderful Priest and friend to the people of Saint Ninian’s: a truly “good and faithful servant” of God and of his Church.
We will greatly miss his sharp intellect, his sardonic wit, his mischievousness, his kindness and thoughtfulness, and last – but by no means least – the richness of music he has brought in various ways to the celebration of Mass and special events.
We wish him a long and happy retirement, with the time and leisure to follow his own special interests – photography, sailing his boat, singing, and socialising with his many dear friends at home and abroad.
THANK YOU, Monsignor, for all you have done for us,
(The image left is Monsignor at the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Parish, with his brother Michael on his left. Michael also served Saint Ninian's faithfully for many years by providing us with beautiful organ accompaniment to the liturgy each week and spoiling us with various musical evenings. R.I.P. Michael)
to read a lengthy interview with Monsignor in September's Dunkeld News

Appointment of Father Johney Raphael
As with sadness we bid adieu to Mgr. McBride, with great pleasure we announce that Father Johney Raphael is to become the new Parish Priest at Saint Ninian’s.
He is a veritable
‘spring chicken’ compared to many priests in our diocese these days!, having been ordained on 13th June, 1996.
Father Raphael was born in Kerala, India, the fifth of nine children in the family.
His mother Mariyam and father Raphael are now sadly both deceased, but he has two brothers and six sisters living in India and among the six sisters two are nuns.
In 1984 he entered the religious life as a member of the
Congregation of St Therese of Child Jesus, in Kerala.
After several years working in North India mission he came to Dundee by invitation of Bishop Stephen on 1st December 2015 to serve as priest in this Diocese and took up his appointment in Saint Clement’s parish in December 2015. He will continue to serve Saint Clement’s as Parish Priest in addition to his duties in Saint Ninian’s.
Father Raphael will reside at St Ninian’s.
We wish him a long and very happy time here among us, and look forward to getting to know him much better. We assure him also that we will be ready helpers in his labour in the vineyard of the Lord, and will do all we can to assist him.

A spot of geographical information for those as ignorant as myself... here is the Southernmost portion of India. Kerala provice is, as you see, on the South West of this wonderful continent.



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