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ST NINIANS CHURCH, Dickson Avenue, Dundee DD2 4DA
Tel 01382 669966   Scottish Charity No: SC001910

Dickson Avenue,
Dundee DD2 4DA
Tel 01382 669966
Scottish Charity No: SC00191

11th February 2018

Saturday Vigil: 6.00 pm
Sunday Mass: 10.00 am
Confessions: Saturday: 5.15 to 5.40 pm
Weekday Masses: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10.00 am

Mass and Distribution of Ashes: Wednesday: 10.00 am & 5.30 pm
We will be joined at the 10 o'clock Mass by the children of St Ninian's Primary School.

There is a special collection for the Catholic Education Service at this weekend's Masses.

Next weekend there is a special collection for the Sick and Retired Priests Fund, eligible for gift aid refunds.

The Season of Lent begins this week: Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast and Abstinence.
During Lent, the Altar bears purple cloths, no flowers adorn the Church and the Gloria is not sung until the Easter Triduum, as we prepare, through contemplation, prayer, fasting and almsgiving for the glorious Paschal Mystery that is Easter.
SCIAF Wee Boxes at the back of the Church: donations will benefit from fund matching by the UK Government.

Many thanks to those who came to clean the Church on Wednesday.

There will be a collection for the FoodBank at next weekend's Masses.

Two of our young parishioners, Mollie and Eli Ross are raising money in aid of End Polio Now. In addition to participating in a swim marathon, they are holding a Raffle and selling Cake & Candy here this weekend.

Parish Faith-Sharing Group: will begin again for a few weeks during Lent. The sessions will be held in the Church Hall on Thursday evenings and the dates, times and themes will be announced next week.

40 Days for Life daily vigil during Lent at the Ninewells Hospital roundabout. Please see poster in porch.

Journeying in Faith: at the Pastoral Centre on Wednesdays. Please see poster with dates & session themes in porch.

Diocesan Lenten Retreat: at St Joseph's Convent, Lawside on Saturday 17th February 2018. Please see poster.

Rite of Election: at St Joseph's Convent, Lawside on Sunday 18th February 2018. Please see Monsignor for details.

Please remember most especially in your prayers Bishop Robson's Mother, Marjory & our other sick relatives and friends: Bishop Logan, Kenneth Neave, Graham Lowe, Kathleen Wilson, Maureen Quinn, Mary King, Matthew Leitch, Mary Shelly, Anne McCluskey, Cathy McCloud, Bill Cassidy, Mattie Nicoll, Anne Wilson, Tom Kemlo, Margaret Dolan, Duncan Brown, Lynn McIlravey, Cath McNally, Elsie DeLa Cruz Joyce, Mary Skelly, James Ireland, Mrs Karen Wood, Joyce Thomson, Alfie Fleming, Robert Quinn, Sarah Allan, Jim Reilly, Bethany Lindsay, Jenny Robertson, Natalie Barclay, Sylvia Jackson, Irene Rooney, Rosemary Ross, Peter Boag, Ken Brown, Susan Chalmers, Syd Connor, Pat McGoldrick, Owen Cassidy, Iain McCallum, Jim McDonald, Jim Wylie, Jean Orr, Brian Murphy, Brian Kiernan Davie, Stu Holland, Winnie Drummond, George Adam, Helen Scroggie, Gerry Farquharson, Fred Reid, Maureen and Bill Butter, Fr Jim McCrudden, Lochie Wightman, Jim Emsley, Jim Flynn, Mgr Basil O'Sullivan, Maria Mulholland, Liz Ballie, Claire Tuck, Kevin Sheehan and Caryn Brannen.

Please remember in your prayers those who have died: Mrs Giuseppina (Pina) Carena, Ellen Lerpiniere, Frank McMahon, Jean Pollard, Thomas Flynn, RIP
and those whose anniversaries occur about this time Alex Small, Jean Reynolds, Ann Nicol, Tom McBride

PARISH FINANCE: Thank you for your very generous support of the Parish week by week.

Offertory: £836.54 Missionary Sisters of Charity: £34.30 Mary's Meals: £30.00

CHURCH FLOWERS: If anyone would like to make a donation, there are tins at the back of the Church.

KEEP FIT: Over 50's exercise to music: Every Thursday at 2.00 pm: proceeds to Church building fund.

PSALM RESPONSE: You are my refuge, O Lord; you fill me with the joy of salvation.

ACCLAMATION: We proclaim Your Death, O Lord, and profess Your Resurrection until You come again.

Dunkeld Diocesan Choir needs more men to join tenor and bass sections. Sight singing not necessary. Rehearsals begin Tuesday 13th February 2018 at 7.00 pm in the Lady Chapel at the Cathedral.

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