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ST. NINIANS CHURCH, Dickson Avenue, Dundee DD2 4DA
Tel 01382 669966   Scottish Charity No: SC001910

Dickson Avenue,
Dundee DD2 4DA
Tel 01382 669966
Scottish Charity No: SC00191

13th September 2020
24th Sunday of Ordinary Time - YEAR A


Please book a seat at Mass by using the EVENTBRITE page prepared for our use. The link for booking seat: Your event URL is

Email from Father Johney, 13th September

Hi Dear Faithful,

Please see the below given link for booking your seats for Sunday Mass on 20th September 2020. Please click on it or press and hold ctrl key and click, the page will open for you to register.
Please note that book your seats if you are very sure of attending Holy Mass. If you book seats and not turning up, then you are denying others a chance to attend Mass. And I feel that is injustice. So please make sure that you are attending Holy Mass. However, after booking any emergency comes, please inform me at the earliest.

God bless you all.

With regards,

Fr Johney Raphael CST

Email from Father Johney, 10th September

Hi Dear Brethren,

I would like to bring to your kind consideration about the formation of a PARISH ECO GROUP. To receive the updates about the Parish Plans and Progress towards becoming an Eco Friendly Parish I need your permission to use your emails. Margaret McPhail, the programme coordinator, will use your email for communication. Following on from the presentation which was given at the Vigil and Sunday's Mass, Margret has asked me to find out how many of you would be happy to receive emails from the group regarding updates and future activities about the Parish project, "Caring for our Common Home.” She has a number of email addresses already but not all that are on the current St Ninian’s circulation list. I do need your permission to allow her to use all the email addresses you have given me.

You only need to reply to me if you do not want to be included in the eco update emails.

God bless all

Fr Johney Raphael CST
Parish Priest

Email from Saint Ninian's, 05/09/2020

Hi Dear Beloved Ones,

This email is for booking a seat for Sunday Mass on 13th September 2020. I feel sorry for people who couldn’t enter the church for Holy Mass today. Let me remind you that Sunday Mass at present is not an Obligation. Therefore you are fine to attend week day Mass instead, if you feel OK. Please make sure before booking any seat that you are by all means, going to attend Mass. Somebody booked seats but didn’t turn up. By doing so, you are denying other people’s chance to attend Holy Mass. If you have seat in St Ninian’s please try to go to St Clement’s at 11 am Mass. There will be always a few seats for you.

Please use the below given link for booking. To get the link opened, press and hold CONTROL (Ctrl) key from your keyboard and click on the link. If you find any difficulty, please send me and email or phone me up and I will book seat for you. Sorry for all sorts of inconvenience caused.

God Bless all.
The Link for Sunday Mass:

Fr Johney Raphael CST

Email from Saint Ninian's, 30/8/2020

Hello Dear brethren,
Prayers and God’s blessing!

As we have more members than allowed for attending Sunday Holy Mass which is against the protocol, I have to restrict the numbers though very sorry for doing that. Please see the forwarded message from Eventbrite for booking your seats. The site ‘Eventbrite’ usually send a link to church’s email and it was very easy to book. I haven’t received any link for you this time. I don’t know why? So please click in the ‘see on eventbrite’ then the site for booking naturally opens for registering your seats. Hope this will be fine. If you are finding difficulty, search in the site of eventbrit st Ninian’s church Sunday Holy Mass then you will get the page for booking. If that’s too is not working, please send me your details and I will book a seat for you.

The link for booking seat: Your event URL is

Sorry for the inconvenience.

God bless you all and keep you safe.

Fr Johney Raphael CST

Email from Saint Ninian's, 21/7/20

Hi dear brothers & Sisters,

Praise the Lord.

I would like to inform you regarding Sunday Mass. We had around 50 people to attend Holy Mass on previous Sunday and expecting more this coming week. So kindly book a seat using the EVENTBRITE page prepared for our use. I have attached a link so that you can book a place there and confirm your seat. Sorry for the inconvenience. The government rule regarding the restriction of the number 50 even if the church is big enough to accommodate more than 50 after keeping two meter distancing is discriminative since this rule is not applicable to cinemas, auditoriums and pubs. Let God’s will be done. Be happy that we are permitted to offer Mass.

The link for booking seat: Your event URL is

Please share this message to all and help others to book a place in the church. If there is no internet used by any one, please call me by phone and book a seat.

God bless you all

Keep safe.
Father Johney

FOR LIVE COVERAGE OF MASSES CELEBRATED BY BISHOP STEPHEN, and further information about Parish closures, See:

Older information : Father Johney posted a number of updates to the Covid-19 situation as things progressed: for details, please click:



The Bishops of Scotland have issued a directive to all Catholic Parishes in response to government demands that we all avoid large-scale gatherings. The following is a word from Father Johney with the text of the Bishops' letter.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I would like to present the summary of the Statement from the Bishop’s Conference of Scotland:

In this time of trial, we, the Bishops of Scotland, wish to send you a word of reassurance and encouragement. As your bishops and with our priests and deacons, we assure you of our continuing commitment to your spiritual, pastoral and sacramental needs.

We have taken the difficult decision respecting the prudential judgement of each bishop to suspend Holy Mass in public for the time being from Thursday 19th March.

Priests will continue to celebrate Holy Mass in private with the particular intention of praying for those suffering from Covid-19 and those who care for them.

Our Churches will remain open for personal prayer and we would encourage priests to welcome individuals who seek consolation and encouragement from the Lord.

Priests will be available for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick and Holy Communion as and when they are needed especially for the sick and housebound.

For the celebration of baptisms, funeral Masses and weddings we would ask that only close family are invited.

We encourage you where possible to access the live streaming of Holy Mass from the many parishes. Bishop Stephen is looking for the possibility of streaming Mass live from St Joseph’s Convent chapel on the Diocesan website In addition, those who have SKY TV or those with the appropriate satellite connections can participate in Mass daily, and in a whole lot more from the EWTN Network. EWTN can also be accessed through the EWTN website, phone, iPad and tablet APS.

Our celebration of Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum may indeed be curtailed by this government advice and we will seek means of celebrating those most important three days of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil online so that they may be accessible in your own home. The Holy Father, Pope Francis will be celebrating the Sacred Triduum online from St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and that celebration will unite us in prayer with all Catholics throughout the world.

Please send your donations to SCIAF or making them on-line to the SCIAF Wee Box Appeal at Or handover to the church.

Let us continue our prayers by daily readings from the Bible, reciting Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, making Stations of the Cross etc.,

We shall entrust all, especially those already afflicted by the virus and all health care professionals, to the care of Our Lady of Lourdes, Health of the Sick.

Let’s get united in prayer to our God.

Fr. Johney Raphael CST
Parish Priest

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