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ST NINIANS CHURCH, Dickson Avenue, Dundee DD2 4DA
Tel 01382 669966   Scottish Charity No: SC001910

Dickson Avenue,
Dundee DD2 4DA
Tel 01382 669966
Scottish Charity No: SC00191

9th December 2018

Saturday Vigil: 6.00 pm
Sunday Mass: 9.30 am
Confessions: Saturday: 5.15 to 5.40 pm
Weekdays: Mon, Wed & Fri: 10.00 am

Memorial of St Lucy: Thursday 13th December.
Memorial of St John of the Cross: Friday 14th December.

Deanery Penitential Service will take place at 6.30 pm at St Mary's Forebank on Monday 10th December 2018. Please see poster in porch.

Christmas Mass Times:
Morning Mass: Monday 24th: 10.00 am
Confessions: after Mass until 11.30 am
then 4.00 pm – 5.15 pm
Vigil Mass: 5.30 pm
Midnight Mass: Midnight
Christmas Day: Tuesday 25th: 9.30 am

There is a leaflet with details of the times of Mass & Confessions over Christmas at the back of the Church, please take one.

We still need a number of Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and Readers for all of the Masses over Christmas, please add your name to the lists at the back.

Collection for the FoodBank at next weekend's Masses

Church cleaning this Wednesday 12th December 2018 after morning Mass. Christmas clean on Wednesday 19th December 2018. All welcome!

Please remember in your prayers all of our sick relatives and friends, especially:
Bishop Robson's Mother, Marjory, Sheila and Iain McCallum, Anne McCluskey, Ronald Dignan, Alex Robertson, Gerry Farquharson, Pauline Creegan, Graham Lowe

Please remember in your prayers those who have died:
John Gibson Snr, Willie Lynch (Bill)
and those whose anniversaries occur about this time

PARISH FINANCE: Thank you for your most generous support of the Parish week by week.
Offertory: £682.52
Poor Missions: £407.40
Keep Fit: £40.00

St Clement's Carol Service. Please see poster in porch.

A Festival of Carols with the Cecilian Choir. Please see poster in porch.

CHURCH FLOWERS: There are tins at the back of the Church if anyone would like to donate.

KEEP FIT: Over 50's exercise to music at 2.00 pm each Thursday: proceeds to Church Building Fund. This week (13th) is last session before Christmas Break.

PSALM RESPONSE: What marvels the Lord worked for us!
Indeed we were glad.

When we eat this Bread and drink this Cup, we proclaim Your Death, O Lord, until You come again.

Monsignor's Retirement Mass: there are DVDs of the Mass available for anybody who would like to buy a copy. The price, depending on numbers, will be between £5 and £7. Please put your name on the list at the back of the Church if you would like to order a copy. The lists will be removed this weekend, so the order can be submitted and the final cost established.

There is a photograph and an article about Monsignor's retirement in this week's Scottish Catholic Observer. Extra copies have been received but if anyone hasn't managed to get a copy and would like more ordered, please put your name on the list beside the papers.

We will soon be looking for willing volunteers to help decorate the Christmas tree, just before Christmas.

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist/Readers:
It is hoped that more parishioners will consider being commissioned as Ministers in the future. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist have a role to play within Mass, and also when the Priest requires assistance to provide for regular reception of Holy Communion by the sick and housebound of the Parish, a fundamental work of mercy. Readers are entrusted with reading aloud the Word of God to help make God present as the word is spoken during Mass. Please consider undertaking one of these most important Ministries. There is a list at the back of the Church for names & phone numbers/e-mail addresses so Father Johney can contact you.

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