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The Children of Saint Ninian's

We are most fortunate in Saint Ninian's in having many children who regularly attend Mass and take part in the Sunday liturgy and serve on our altar at all the Masses.

Children on the altar stepsThe Little Church

At the Family Mass on Sundays, a group of about a dozen little ones spend the first half hour of the Mass attending the Children's Liturgy (our 'Little Church') which takes place in a side chapel separate from the main body of the Church. A dedicated group of around five adults, teachers from St. Ninian's school and others, take the children through the gospel which the adults will hear that Sunday, and the children learn about Jesus, producing lovely pictures, posters, banners and cardboard objects of various kinds (such as their Christmas wreath, with its coloured cardboard candles and flames!). At the offertory procession the children return to the main church and place their works of art on the altar steps. These are the offerings they bring to the Lord, as the bread and wine are brought to the altar. They then rejoin their parents and families in the pews - once they have located them! They are a lively, lovely lot!

Altar ServersWith our Parish Priest

We have a group of about ten regular altar servers from among our children and young people, who assist at both the Vigil Mass and the Sunday Mass each week. They go through some fairly rigorous training, under the watchful eye of our principal altar server John who has himself served on the Altar for over twenty years. The children and young people are aged between about 10 and 18 years, and are very faithful in their service, always present for the Masses each week, and performing their duties on the Altar with great care and awareness of the importance and dignity of the task they are fulfilling.

Saint Ninian's Primary School

Children from the SchoolMore than anything, however, we are blessed with a wonderful school, which provides both an excellent standard of education for its pupils and also a firm grounding in the beliefs and principles required for living a good, fulfilling and socially valuable life.

It is quite a small school, with only about 175 pupils. It has a Nursery school which helps prepare pre-school children for the world of school, and a Primary School which caters for children from 5 to 12 years old. The school has a wonderful, dedicated staff, who work not only for the best educational success for the children, but for their development as rounded, happy human beings. Consequently great emphasis is placed on Music, Sport, Art and active involvement with the community in various ways, such as visits to local institutions, taking part in projects relating to topical concerns such as Global Warming, assisting with fund-raising for Aid projects, etc. etc.

In addition to the above, the teachers prepare the children for every stage of their development within the Church community - their first Holy Communion, their first celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and so on.

The School's values are solidly Christian, but it has pupils of several different religions, and from many different countries, races and cultures, reflecting the nature of modern society in Scotland today.

To read more about our School, please click on the button below, which will take you to the School's own official website.

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