The People of Saint Ninian's

Our parish population currently stands at 1500, a small number of whom are original members of the church from its foundation in 1969. We have recently had a change of Parish Priest. Monsignor Ken McBride has had to retire after seventeen years with us, and at the end of August 2018 we welcomed Father John ('Johney') Raphael as our parish priest. (Click HERE for details about this change). Mass is celebrated each weekday morning but MOnday, and there is a Saturday ‘Vigil’ Mass and a Family Mass on Sunday mornings.

Daily Mass is attended by between 10 and 20 ‘regulars’ who come out in all weathers (and the weather can be brutal in Dundee!) and in spite of age and infirmity in many cases. The Vigil is attended by around 200 people each week, and the Family Mass has about the same.

The Sunday Mass is a really joyful celebration. At this
Mass the older parishioners have the privilege of sharing their worship with a large number of children, who come along with their young parents, their brothers and sisters, grandmas and grandpas, faithfully every week. Here we see the continuing legacy of the Faith, and are able to thank God for preserving our faith and giving us the happiness of passing it on to future generations. Several parishioners have undertaken to provide a Children’s Liturgy – our ‘Little Church’ as we call it - every Sunday, and the numbers attending seem to just grow and grow! (see CHILDREN) We are immensely grateful to the teachers of our Little Church, and to the families who take such care to bring their children up in the practice of their faith.

St. Ninian’s has many regular members who are willing to give of their time and talents to undertake different ministries in the church. Thus we have:

  • a sizeable rota of Readers (for daily and Sunday Masses)
  • a group of about twelve Eucharistic Ministers, who assist in administering Communion at Mass and visit the sick and housebound with Holy Communion regularly
  • a welcoming ministry who greet the people as they come in to Mass and give them hymn books and Parish notice bulletins
  • a group of hard-working ladies (no men, alas) who regularly clean the church and hall
  • ladies who provide and arrange flowers to decorate the altar and side altars each week
  • two female Cantors who regularly sing the psalms and antiphons at the Vigil and Sunday Masses (they're the best in the city – the ‘crème de la crème’!), and two male Cantors who sing less often but are a treat to listen to when they do
  • members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society who act as pass-keepers at Mass (organising chairs or directing the people in an orderly procession for communion when required, and passing round the offertory plates at ordinary Masses)
  • several parishioners who work for the 'Martha's Meals' project which aims to provide a school meal every day for children in the third world, so that they can actually go to school
  • one parishioner undertakes the task of producing the Parish Notices every week, which are printed on the reverse side of our ‘Sunday Plus’ leaflets. (see Notices)
  • a ‘social committee’ made up of about 10 parishioners works hard throughout the year organising and running various parish activities, either fund-raising events, or just occasions when we can all be together as a parish on the occasion of a special Feast Day. They also offer regular ‘cake and candy’ stalls after Mass, which brings in much needed funds for regular repairs and maintenance of the Church, the Presbytery and the Hall.
  • We are most fortunate in having Katie in charge of the music at all our celebrations; a Music teacher at St. Ninian's Primary School, Katie plays the organ at every Mass, directs the children in all special School celebrations. She is also a wonderful singer, and has sung the Psalm at Masses for many years.

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